Sectors and areas of intervention:

  • Public and para-public service
  • Energy and Telecom Sector
  • Industry and consumer goods

A few clients:

Examples of intervention:

  • Support and coordination of the implementation of a programme of several projects in the framework of a public policy in the social field for a municipality of the Canton of Geneva
  • Coaching the transition of a university's rectory team
  • Accompanying the project manager during a project to set up a Product Information Management tool in the parapharmaceutical sector
  • Diagnosis of operational efficiency and establishment of a modernization action plan for a small-scale TPE
  • Set-up of a graphic organisation in the packaging department in the beverage sector
  • Review of the process of developing new products for a beverage company
  • Implementation of inventory management processes and tools in stores of a French tooling brand
  • Coordination and management of the integration of new processes and a new tool covering finance, purchasing, sales and capital Management for a telecom company
  • Setting up new processes and tools for supply, planning, inventory management for an electricity distribution company