Group Flow, a collective intelligence accelerator

There is a lot of talk about Flow, this "optimum" experience of a situation where while being in its area of excellence, a person is literally immersed in an activity effortlessly, time seems to hang, while feeling a sensation of realization (almost out of self) and pleasure.

Whether in sport, the arts or even in the professional world, Flow is primarily presented as an individual experience.

However the Flow it can also live in a group, in two ways... A first case of figure is to have all the individuals of a group in a state of flow, each living the flow separately. The second case is more fascinating, individually and collectively the group goes into Flow, like a phenomenon of resonance.

Here is a experience lived a few weeks ago.

Our team of coaches animated a group of about thirty people. From the same company, some had already worked together sometimes for several years, others had never met.

"While the group already had a first half day of seminar, we find them for a new day of sharing and work.

Seated in a circle, the participants through their "body language" seems to express interest, doubts, withdrawal, skepticism, expectation in relation to this seminar.

One of the coaches then invited everyone to experience an awareness of "his patterns of control and resistance" through bodily exercises. To surprise, then to curiosity, follow the interest and finally the pleasure.

As I see the faces brighten up, the energy in the room rises several levels. As roles and experiences follow each other, the group seems to transcend.

At the time of stopping the experience, the pleasure and satisfaction of comprehensions read on the faces. Without realizing it, the group has just been guided for more than an hour, totally absorbed and losing the notion of time. We have just experienced a tremendous flow of a group. "

Now imagine the creative force that can emerge from a group in such a state!

It is in this energy, this openness of the heart and the head that our group will continue its day towards self-learning, others and experiments of theCollective Intelligence.

So how do you put a group in flow?

  1. Creating individual and collective trust
  2. Open the field of emotion
  3. Set in Motion
  4. Move the group away from its comfort zone by creating a surprise effect
  5. Putting the group in a successful phase of understanding and learning
  6. Let the flow of the group emerge
  7. Then make them work on a strategic topics for your organization


You want your managers, executives, employees to transform your business, so let them experience the collective flow before you develop and build your future!


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